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 Future Plans - Call to Arms Casts

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PostSubject: Future Plans - Call to Arms Casts   Future Plans - Call to Arms Casts EmptyFri Jan 25, 2013 8:05 pm

Call to Arms is the next game in production by DigitalMindSoft. The guys who mutated the Men of War series into the multiplayer focused Men of War : Assault Squad. It's the most advanced RTS to date!

So no wonder Inuki is the interesteds in seeing what DigitalMindSoft can do with their next game. Call to Arms will take place in modern day Earth.

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Future Plans - Call to Arms Casts Empty
PostSubject: Re: Future Plans - Call to Arms Casts   Future Plans - Call to Arms Casts EmptySat Feb 09, 2013 5:54 pm

I'm amused by Instinct's concept of better teamwork
Quote :
enhanced multiplayer teamwork (i.e. less units per player, but more players per map)

While I would really enjoy seeing exactly that, it seems unlikely. That sort of system depends on having more people, since that is how it proposes to counter the smaller units per person, but DMS isn't a particularly well known company and their games don't attract very big populations. It may be partly because of my timezone but I have trouble even finding a 3v3 now, people leave the lobby repeatedly, fail to ready up (often including the host) and rage quit not infrequently.

It seems like the concept is a very good one but also one that will not work very well with the current MOWAS community (who I expect to form much of the core of CtA).

Beyond that I have nothing but good things to say, it looks like it will be both a visually pleasing and tactically versatile game. I'm especially keen to see the increased faction diversity; while there is something to be said for more totally balanced games (the Total War series most notably) I prefer a game that forces you to adapt your playing style based on your faction.

Thank you for posting this link by the way, the thread itself was also quite interesting. You said in your post there that you had already explain why client side ragdolls won't work, but I couldn't find that. Can you give me the TL;DR?
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Future Plans - Call to Arms Casts
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