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 Get your Videos on Inuki TV

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PostSubject: Get your Videos on Inuki TV   Get your Videos on Inuki TV EmptyMon Feb 25, 2013 12:21 pm

I'm looking into creating what is known as a 'Hub' channel. This is a long way into the future but it works great for MoWAS which has such a small crowd. The small story is we all benefit but if you are interested you will have to use the long story in FAQ format;

What you need to be able to do already...

1) Record at 720p or 1080p with a quality bit rate
2) Have a good quality microphone or upload the microphone audio as a separate file from gameplay so Inuki can edit it
3) Compress the video into a quality format
4) Be able to upload your videos to either youtube (either unlisted or public) or to an FTP or file sharer
5) Understand copyright (Basically don't use music in your videos. Let Inuki handle that)

What you need to do...

Send me a message through youtube and open up a conversation! Tell me what you want to do and achieve. (Continue reading for more information about what you will need to put in the message)

When we are clear on what it is you wish to do and once you've got a video you feel you want on InukiTV contact me through youtube (send message) with all the necessary details. Examples;

Link to download video, Title, Description of video (include personal advertisements for yourself of course,
Inuki will then take care of the rest to get the video uploaded onto InukiTV in your own personal playlist and/or show.

What Inuki will do for you...

1) Introduction with your name on it
2) Licensed music
3) Other editing like highlights
4) More videos means more contact with me and I can offer more guidance.

What Inuki would like to do in the future...

1) Pay you for your work. Even if you arn't partnered. Get a percentage of the royalties
2) Help you produce more quality content
3) Get your channel partnered with TGN (preferably TGN because they are awesome)

This area deserves more explanation as to why I want to create a Hub and get you partnered with TGN. It's great for every video creator. I have a high CPM (Cash per 1,000 views). Having your content on my channel means you, as a TGN partner getting direct royalties, earn much more per thousand views. As a none partner it means I can calculate what you would earn and pay you directly through paypal. This will require negotiations.

Why do this Inuki...

1) It raises my channel CPM (Cash per 1,000 views)
2) I'm just one guy and I really want to produce more content (You know me, I love editing things)
3) It gives me some stuff to watch myself

I want to release just a few videos to advertise my channel...

1) This is fine too! I have no problems doing this either but I won't be paying for the odd and individual videos. I fear things may get too complicated if I start doing that!
2) The video itself should be of your content and not be a 5 minute video saying "Come to my channel...bitches"

I want to be a regular content creator and get paid royalties

1) TGN Partners can be paid direct royalties however I insist on being paid for the editing! I can write you up an agreement where by every X number of videos will be claimed by me and the rest are yours! It will be roughly 80%-20% in your favor. In this method TGN is the one that calculates your payment.

2) For none partners the calculation is done by myself. You will receive the same amount of royalties. This is only for regular content creators to keep the maths low. Every 3 months I receive an a document stating my own personal payout and from that I will be able to calculate your percentage based on the views of your videos in your own personal playlist. At this point I will contact you to give you your hard earned moneh!

All this money talk. Am I a whore?

No but I find it's important to make sure that people get paid for the work they do and you may have heard me talk about it before. I really wish I could employ people to help make video games more interesting to watch! It's no lie that you can improve the quality of videos with money. However, once I enter dreamland and have infinite moneys, it will be down to hard work, ideas, dedication and determination to produce beyond the quality we have now.


I hope this is all the information you may need! feel free to ask questions below. I shall edit this section accordingly to make sure it's up to date with the latest information on getting your videos on youtube and getting paid!
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Get your Videos on Inuki TV
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