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 MOW:AS GG_League RuleSet - March 2013

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MOW:AS GG_League RuleSet - March 2013 Empty
PostSubject: MOW:AS GG_League RuleSet - March 2013   MOW:AS GG_League RuleSet - March 2013 EmptyThu Feb 28, 2013 4:53 pm

MOW:AS GG_League

March 2013
The purpose of the AS GG_League is to give players the infrastructure to play with a concrete rule set and map pool to allow players do the following:
1. Accurately measure their growth and progress as players.
2. Be part of a like minded community of competitive players who wish to have fun.
3. Have the ability to get a competitive game of MOW:AS without major issues.

Through the use of tools such as Inuki's forum, a steam group, the free updated map pack R5, a tool to take screen shots such as Steam or fraps, and youtube we, as a community will accomplish these clear goals.

I. League Scoring System and Match Reporting

Players attempt to gain high score by playing and winning matches against other players during the month.

To report match results a player is expected to show confirmation of a match and the results of the round or rounds played in the report forum thread.
Each game played and reported awards score.
If players wish to participate in a best of three or five then each individual win or loss awards score.

Players gain league score through playing games. Winners obtain more score.
Win = 3 points.
Loss = 1 point

Special situations include games played with mentors and games resulting in disconnects.
Disconnect below 50% score to win results in 1 point per player
Disconnect with 90% percent score to win results in 2 points for the player with the highest score.
Loss against a mentor is worth 2 points

II. Map Pool

For a match result to award score players must play on a map from the following list:

Free Updated Map Pack R5:
(See requirements towards the bottom for a link to the map pack)
1v1 Farmland
1v1 Bocage
1v1 Tramway Depot
1v1 Snow_Heights
1v1 Workshop

1v1 Deb
1v1 Lumber
1v1 Scheldt

Regular AS maps:
It is advised that players use these maps as a last resort and set them to 1v1.

2v2 Tramway Depot
2v2 Workshop
2v2 Bocage

III. Hosting a match, Faction Match up and game settings

Game setting: Standard
Units: Competitive
Resource Setting: Normal
Score to Win: 100
*Special Exception: If a game has two spectators (result in a total of 4 people on the map) using the R5 observer feature then score to win must be set to 50. Otherwise the score to win system is inaccurate.

Advanced settings:
Bandwidth may be set to minimum if both players agree
Other Advanced Settings must remain on their default.

Faction match up rules:
No mirror matches. For example USA vs USA or Germany vs Germany.
USA/CommonWealth/USSR vs Germany is encouraged but not mandatory.

IV. Match Up of the Month

If players cannot decide on a faction match up, map or number of rounds to play then a player may call for the Match Up of the Month to ensure a fair, fun and competitive match.

Map: 1v1 Farmland R5 edition
Match Type: Best of Three rounds (Bo3)

Team A (top slot) - Germany
Team B (bottom slot)- Commonwealth
Host takes team A, Challenger team B
Loser of a round may switch starting positions and retain faction or switch factions and retain starting position.

For example Dave and Tom have a Best of 3 (Bo3) match.

Team A - Tom Germany
Team B- Dave British

Result: Dave = Loss

Choice: Faction Swap

Team A - Tom As British
Team B - Dave As Germany

Result: Tom = Loss
Choice: Position swap

Round 3
Team A - Dave As Germany
Team B - Tom as British

Result - Victory for Tom.

Two of Three won for Tom and reported means:
3x2 + 1x1 = 7 total for Tom
3x1 + 2x1 = 5 for Dave

V. Other

Game pausing: Try to avoid pausing after the first sixty seconds of the game. If a player requests it please do so ASAP in case of equipment failure. If a pause must last more than 120 seconds then a player should consider conceding. If you use wireless technology have a second set of equipment or batteries by your side at all times!

Rain and Night: if a map is set to rain or night and a player requests day within the first 60 seconds the host should pause the match, confirm the request, then end the match. Upon going back to the game lobby switch to another map, and switch back. Please limit this to at most two switches as an attempt to obtain day and make sure to have the agreed upon match up.

Challenges and game spamming rematches opponents: No rules on this for the month of March at this time. Expect updated rules in the future.

VI. Requirements

1 CDkey / Gamespy ID for playing.
1 Forum account on Inukis site.
Offensive and illegible names will not be tolerated.
It is best if forum name corresponds to game spy name.
Be sure to use the monthly sign up thread. If you have particpated before you should ensure that your name and info is listed here:

Use of the monthly report thread is also required:

Fraps, Steam or similar program used for taking screen shots

The Free Updated Map Pack R5

Join the Steam Group - This allows you post announcements to everyone in the GGL group. Perfect for keeping a clean friends list and telling everyone you have hosted a game!

VII. Community Positions

Project Lead: Triumph
Commentator & Forum Admin: Inuki
Additional Staff: TBA

Mentor players - These veteran players are willing to give constructive feed back to help players give GG's.
1. Stakor
2. Strat

Non-English Community Representatives:
1. TBA

VIII. Additional Information and how to spread the word

Tell other players you want to 1v1 GGL! Ask the lobby for 1v1 GGL! Link them to the steamguide!

SteamGuide + Shoutcasts

Gameplay Guides

This topic may be used for Q&A pertaining to the league for and during the month of march.

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MOW:AS GG_League RuleSet - March 2013 Empty
PostSubject: Re: MOW:AS GG_League RuleSet - March 2013   MOW:AS GG_League RuleSet - March 2013 EmptyThu Feb 28, 2013 9:31 pm

This looks promising Smile
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MOW:AS GG_League RuleSet - March 2013
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